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Germany Weile pumps (Dongguan) Co., Ltd specializes in imported pumps,mainly used for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, solar energy,environmental protection, heating, spraying and the industry and agriculturea large number of water supply and drainage etc.!

Wilo Pump Group Co Ltd (WILO SE) is headquartered in Dortmund in Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturer of pump and pump system. Wilo products are mainly used for heating, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, water supply and sewage treatment and other fields. The company was founded by Louis Opl nder in 1872, initially mainly produces copper and brass. After 130 years of accumulation, now wilo has about 70 subsidiaries worldwide, more than 6200 employees. In 2010, wilocompany annual turnover of 1021000000 euro. WILO SE for three consecutive years was named "best employers". Is one of the ten largestcompany in the world pump.

Living water and energy saving, environmental protection Weile peoplealways committed to high quality, efforts to promote the development oflocal customers, wilo people follow: "poly class talent, a first-class enterprise, tree class brand" business philosophy and "customer centered,to achieve zero complaints" business purpose, adhere to the "system as the basis, quality policy the pursuit of zero defect products" of the enterprise,innovation, integrity to the public, with the realistic quality, provide world class pump products and excellent service for customer. Looking to the future, wilo (China) will be even greater enthusiasm growing together withthe masses of old and new customers, providing service and dedication.


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